Bento Box and Chopsticks Set "Blooming Flowers"

Color: Red
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This is a set of Bento box and chopsticks of "Blooming Flowers" series. This red and black Bento set is inspired by traditional lacquerware, and it is perfect for those who love something stylish and elegant. With this Bento set, anything served in it will look a bit more special and luxurious than usual. Why don't you prepare some special dishes in it and bring it to work, school, outside for picnic, and more?

Bento Box "Blooming Flowers"
It's a double-layered lunch box that comes with an elastic rubber band. The top container has a seal and it can hold a capacity of 450ml. The lower container also has a capacity of 450ml. Microwave and dishwasher safe. This lacquerware-inspired, stylish and elegant design adds a luxurious feel to your lunch time.

・Material/ Body:ABS , Seal:PE
・Size/ W16.7×H10.6×D7.8cm

・Weight/ 380 g
・Made in Japan

Chopsticks with Case "Blooming Flowers"
The red and black color scheme of the case is inspired by Japanese traditional lacquerware. Hand-wash only. It goes perfectly well with the same "Blooming Flowers" lunch box series.

・Material/ Chopsticks:PMMA , Case:ABS
・Size/ W2×H18.3×D1.3cm

・Weight/ 40 g
・Made in Japan


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