Calligraphy Set with Brush roll

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You can try calligraphy casually with this set. Please be aware that calligraphy liquid ink is not included.

Brush roll for Calligraphy “Shiratake”
This roll is hand-knitted with carefully selected high-quality stick-shaped bamboo. It helps the tip of the brush dry after washing and protects it from damage when you carry it.

・Material/ Bamboo
・Size/ 30×30×cm , Exterior size:7×33.5×1.5cm
・Weight/ 95 g
・Made in China

Half-cut Xuan paper for Calligraphy “Kozan” 10 sheets
Xuan paper is called Gasen-shi in Japan. It means the large size paper used for calligraphy or painting of Asian art. With a natural hue of this paper, bleeding and faintness can be expressed, and the black color is beautifully developed. Contains 10 sheets.

・Material/ Japanese Washi Paper:Fine paper, recycled paper, straw
・Size/ 35×136×cm , Exterior size:26.3×35.3×6cm
・Other info/ 10 sheets ・Use/ Fair copy, Work
・Weight/ 205 g
・Made in Japan

Sutra Copying Paper 20 sheets
Copying Sutra is one of Buddhist training. It is effective for mind and body, and booming these days. Sit straight first, take a deep breath to calm your mind and start.
Includes an example made of durable paper and 20 papers with ruled lines. The papers can be seen through and traced. Made by Akashiya Co.
Let’s experience copying sutras!

・Material/ Japanese Washi Paper: Japanese Washi Paper
・Size/ 45.4×28×cm , Exterior size:17.5×28.5×5cm
・Use/ Fair copy, Work
・Weight/ 100 g
・Made in Japan

Handmade Ink Stick for Calligraphy “Ink Forest”
Solid ink is made from natural ingredients such as soot, glue and fragrance. It can produce a deeper color than liquid ink. You can change the darkness and the tone of ink color by adjusting the force applied when rubbing by the inkstone.
The color of ink gets dark quickly by rubbing with this ink stick. It is used widely from school calligraphy to practical calligraphy.

【How to use】
Drop the water about the size of a 10-yen coin on the hill of the inkstone. Calm down and rub slowly. Please finish to your favorite concentration.
Continue rubbing patiently by dropping a bit of water until you get the required quantity.
After rubbing, wipe off the water of the ink stick with a cloth or paper before storing the ink.
Avoid storing in direct sunlight, dry places, or humid places.

・Material/ Sumi Ink:Soot, Glue , Ink color:Brown-Pure Black
・Size/ Ink stick:2×8.3×1cm , Exterior size:7×15.5×1.5cm

・Weight/ 40 g
・Made in Japan

Inkstone for Calligraphy “Honseki Tenpyōken Shigohira”
This inkstone has a hill, the fine surface called “Houbou”, and you can enjoy a smooth rubbing feeling with good ink sticking. The sea, the place where the polished ink is stored, is deep and you can make plenty of ink there.

・Material/ Stone
・Size/ 7.8×13.7×2.1cm , Exterior size:16×8.1×2.5cm
・Weight/ 420 g
・Made in China

Paperweight with knob 12mm for Calligraphy
The knob is large enough and easy to hold. Beautiful gloss finish. The weight is 300g suitable for Xuan paper and Kakizome, the first calligraphy writing of the new year.

・Material/ Iron
・Size/ 24×1.2×1.2cm , Exterior size:4.5×29.5×1.3cm

・Weight/ 300 g
・Made in Japan

Calligraphy Writing Brush Size 3
A brush for beginners in calligraphy, made by Akashiya Co. established in Nara Prefecture in 1716. Each has a grip made of rubber material, that helps you hold the brush in the correct position. The brush tip is made with “Kenmō”, which is a combination with soft and hard brush hairs. It creates an ideal balance that combines the natural suppleness of wool and horsehair with the strong elasticity of artificial hair. “Shosharaku” is a product series named by Akashiya product company. The ink flows easily and is easy to clean. It is designed so that beginners can use it with confidence.

・Material/ Main raw hair:Horsehair, Wool, Special polyester hair , Coat color:White , Hardness:Hard , Jiku Handle:ABS resin
・Size/ :φ12.8mm ×25 cm (Included brush)
・Attitude/ Beginner
・Use/ Penmanship, Classroom
・For a Hanshi-paper/ 2-4 letters
・Weight/ 26 g
・Made in China

Felt Mat for Calligraphy “Mino Navy blue” Size 1 mm
A felt mat for calligraphy. Good elasticity makes the brush run comfortably. Made by Akashiya Co.

・Material/ Wool
・Size/ 29.5×39.5×0.1cm , Roll exterior size :29.5×5×3cm
・Weight/ 40 g
・Made in Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR

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