Stay cool and relax with Japanese way Ver.5 "Kimono or Yukata?"

Stay comfortable with Yukata this summer

Kimono? or Yukata?

Yukata is the one of the most popular items in our store and its comfortable texture and traditional Japanese patterns are loved by a lot of people.

Many of visitors in our store have asked a question:
"What is the difference between Kimono and Yukata?"


"Is Yukata same as Kimono?"

Some people mix up the Yukata and Kimono.

So, What is  the Yukata?

Yukata is a kind of Kimono, Kimono is generic terms of traditional Japanese clothes that we put the collar with the right side tucked under the left.

When we talk about Kimono, its materials, colors and patterns are rich in variety: gorgeous silk materials and elegant patterns, vivid color made of cotton, or simple pattern with hemp etc...

Yukata is one of those kind of Kimono, and it feature is as follows;

-Materials are made of cotton
-Fabric is thiner than Kimono (a little bit transparent like this image.)


Taking bath with Yukata?

Yukata has a long ancient history, which existed since 8th century, the era of aristocracy.
Noble persons wore Yukata when they took a bath, so taking bath with their clothes "Yukata" on. Is it incredible thing for you?

The bath at that time was not like actual Japanese bath style, it was steam bath like "sauna".
People sweated a lot and wipe off the dirt.
Especially noble persons can not show their skin for other people, they wore Yukata. The Yukata was made of hemp material at that time.

The bath of actual style with bathtub was born in 17th century and people wore Yukata after taking bath like a bath robe and used like a night clothes too. At that time, people did not soak into the bath with their "Yukata" on and Yukata made of cotton became popular, because the cotton absorbs the sweat better than hemp.

If you watch the Japanese movie of Ozu Yasujiro, you can often see the typical design of Yukata, dark blue patterns on white thin cotton.

When do we take Yukata now?

At the end of 20th century, people began to enjoy colorful Yukata when they enjoy the firework festival or summer festival etc...
It is becomming more fashionable and especially young ladies enjoy modern patterns.

However, if you come to traditional Japanese hotel "Ryokan", you can wear above traditional and simple style of Yukata with the pattern of white and darkblue as a night wear.

■Yukata for women and for men
Yukata has some small difference between for women and for men.

The feature of women's Yukata is :
- The side of Yukata is open,
- The sleeve cornor of some Yukata is round.

The feature of men's Yukata is
-The side if closed.
-THe sleeves are square.

Why does the side of women's Yukata open?

Traditionally, men fastens the sash on the low position of stomach, so the side of Kimono or Yukata is well closed and it makes the shape more cool.
However, when women wears the Kimono or Yukata, they fastens the sash on the higher position of stomach to show more elegant and beautiful. So, the opened side is useful to make the beautiful shape for women's curved shaped body.

Did you learn a little about the Yukata?

If you feel more comfortable and cool in summer, we recommend you to wear traditional Japanese Yukata, made of thin cotton.

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Thank you for reading to the end.


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