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Magewappa Bento Box "Koban Bento" MiddleMagewappa Bento Box "Koban Bento" Middle
Magewappa Tray "Round Tray"Magewappa Tray "Round Tray"
Magewappa Tray"Round Tray"Magewappa Tray"Round Tray"
Chopsticks Set of 2P "Mother-of-pearl inlay"Chopsticks Set of 2P "Mother-of-pearl inlay"
Chopsticks Set of 2P "Wave"Chopsticks Set of 2P "Wave"
Chopsticks Set of 5P "Various wood"Chopsticks Set of 5P "Various wood"
Chopsticks Set of 2P with Rests "Ukiyo-e"Chopsticks Set of 2P with Rests "Ukiyo-e"
Chopsticks Set of 5P "Indigo blue"Chopsticks Set of 5P "Indigo blue"
Chopsticks Set of 5P "Bamboo"Chopsticks Set of 5P "Bamboo"
Magewappa Sake Cup " Awase Hana"Magewappa Sake Cup " Awase Hana"
Magewappa Sake Bottle "Maru tokkuri 180ml"
Magewappa " Sake Bottle and Cup set"Magewappa " Sake Bottle and Cup set"
Magewappa Cup "Uzu with lid"Magewappa Cup "Uzu with lid"
Magewappa "Small Oval Tray bluish purple"Magewappa "Small Oval Tray bluish purple"
Magewappa "Sweets container"Magewappa "Sweets container"
Magewappa Cup" Kai White"Magewappa Cup" Kai White"
Magewappa Cup"Kai Maroon"Magewappa Cup"Kai Maroon"
Magewappa Bento Box "Koban Bento Large"Magewappa Bento Box "Koban Bento Large"
Magewappa Bento Box "Umehana Bento"Magewappa Bento Box "Umehana Bento"
Magewappa Bento Box "Hangou Bento"Magewappa Bento Box "Hangou Bento"
Magewappa Bento Box" Hana Shu"Magewappa Bento Box" Hana Shu"
Magewappa Bento Box "Hana Black"Magewappa Bento Box "Hana Black"
Magewappa Sake cups set "Shuki zoroe"Magewappa Sake cups set "Shuki zoroe"
Kumiko Craft Akita Cedar CoasterKumiko Craft Akita Cedar Coaster
Kumiko Craft Panel(S) AsanohaKumiko Craft Panel(S) Asanoha
Kumiko Craft Panel(W) AsanohaKumiko Craft Panel(W) Asanoha
Kumiko Craft Tray(L) AsanohaKumiko Craft Tray(L) Asanoha
Kumiko Craft Tray(S) AsanohaKumiko Craft Tray(S) Asanoha

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