I can not find an item that I saw when I came to the center before.
Please contact us. We are happy to help you by e-mail.

Is it possible to arrange my order?
We kindly ask to cancel the order, and please make a new order for replacement.

Is it possible to order by out of Japan and ship it to Japan?
Sorry, we can not accept shipping interior of Japan, our online store is only for the customers exterior of Japan.


I want to purchase large products as folding screen and Japanese doll. How do they packed?
For safe, if we conceder that the items should be shipped separately, we will make separate package.

I want a package to be smaller for save shipping cost. How is it packed?
We always try packing it smaller as possible as we can. But the size of package is depending on the contents. Or some items need much protection. Please note that a package is not always be compact as you expected.


Where is my package?
Please track your package with the tracking number which is provided from us by e-mail. Please check the status on the homepage of each transportation industry.

My package is stopping at the airport. What should I do?

Please contact the customs section of the air port immediately. You may be required to show them the Invoice or anther documents to through the customs. Please follow the advise from them.

My package is stopping at the local deriver center (local post office). What should I do?

Please contact the local deriver center immediately. Some deriver service does not leave absence notification however driver came during your absence.

Is it possible to specify the date to receive the package.

In our main carrier DHL service, you will have a short message from DHL by your phone number or e-mail address. You can arrange the date through it.


I want to purchase a sword. But I don’t know that it is allowed to import to my country. How do I check the customs regulation ?

For sure, please contact the customs office of your country.

How much will be the customs duty?

For sure, please contact the customs office of your country. Customs duty is vary depending on a country.


Is possible to wrap items as a gift?

We apologize, but it is difficult to wrap as a gift because of the customs clearance. There is possibility that the package will be opened at the customs.

Who will pay the customs duty if a recipient is different from the orderer.

The recipient will pay for it. Please be careful. But there is a way to pay by orderer.

If you need more information about the prepaid system of customs duties even though it will be so expensive, please contact to us.

Is it possible to order from out of Japan and ship it to inside of Japan?

It is possible. For more detail, please contact us.

Other questions

Do you do wholesale business?

We apologize, but we do not do wholesaling.

I have not get any e-mail from the shop.

Please contact us. You perhaps typo your e-mail. Or please check the spam folder of your mail box