Jin Taiko Drum


Sale price¥10,000 JPY


A musical toy with fun sounds.
This is a "Jindaiko" with two drum sticks.
Please enjoy it as a musical instrument that you can easily touch.
Since old time, drums have been used as a means of communicating information. In fact, taiko drums were used to announce the time until recently, making them a familiar means of communication.

The basic way to care for your taiko is to clean the surface of the skin and the body with a cloth that has been wrung tightly after use.
This will remove dust, sand, and other dirt from the surface, which will ultimately prolong the life of the drum.

・Material/ Body:Wood・Cowskin , Drumsticks:Wood
・Size/ Body:Φ19×H8cm , Drumstick:Φ1×H20cm

・Weight/ 340 g
・Made in Taiwan

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