Japanese sword is generally called “KATANA” in Japan. KATA means “One side” and NA means “Blade”. So, most Japanese swords are single edged. There are two types of single edged Japanese sword. One is called “TACHI” and the other one is called “UCHIGATANA”. “TACHI” is ancient style of sword which has deep curved blade, and its length is over 76cm. Samurai used it from their horseback in the battle field.

UHIGATANA” was used on the ground battle. So it is easier to use practically, the blade is not curved deeply and its length is little bit shorter than “TACHI”.

Generally, when we talk about “KATANA, it means “UCHIGATANA”, which became popular after 14th century.  In our shop, you deal only “UCHIGATANA” which are all *unsharpened and should be used for the decoration and *Iaido practice.

*Sharpened swords are called “SHINKEN”. Special license is essential to deal, to purchase and to maintain them.

*Iaido is a non-combative Japanese martial art by using Katana which involves no direct physical contact or combat with other individuals.

As you know, “KATANA” was used for the battle long time ago, at the same time, many are highly appraised as arts objects. Craftsmen who make swords are called “TOKO(sword craftsmen)” “TOSHO(sword master)”, “KATANA KAJI(sword smith)”. Actually, these craftsmen have their workplace in Mino(Gifu prefecture) and Bizen(Okayama prefecture) and other regions in Japan. They succeed the technique of historic TOSHO and continue to develop their proper technique. In our shop, we deal KATANA which are made by the swordsmith in Mino(Gifu prefecture).

Furthermore, “KATANA” has meaning of invaluable object as an embodiment of KAMI(gods), or a symbol of Samurai spirit. This is why, we have treat “KATANA” with our respect when we treat it.