Kyo-Sashimono “Paulownia Tea Box”


Color: Pink
Sale price¥14,000 JPY


A tea box for Matcha called “Chabako” for carrying tea utensils when travelling or enjoying tea outside. It is tied with a traditional cotton braid called Sanadahimo, which makes easy to carry it and gives a stylish impression.

“Kyo-Sashimono” is the traditional craft, which combines wood and wood without using metal nails or joining tools, in Kyoto, and it has a stylistic beauty which has been handed down from tea ceremony culture.
In Japan where has high humidity, the paulownia boxes have been useful for the storing of kimono and luxury products, because its humidity control and insect repellent.
Mr. Mori, the craftsman, is the fourth generation of Mori wood box store, which has continued over 100 years. He sharpens a cutting edge of the plane to shave woods by himself, which gives the texture such as a roundness or touching of the box, and the texture and luster of it last for a long time.

The color and luster will be added by touching with paulownia many times, and you will enjoy aging deterioration. You will enjoy other ways of using it, such as keeping coffee beans, cookies, or dried foods. It does not come with the tea utensils. The hole in the inner tray is a one for whisk canister.

【Braid color】Pink, Blue

If it gets wet, please wipe it with a dry cloth.
Place it in a well-ventilated place and avoid places with high humidity.
If it is placed in a place exposed to the wind of a cooler or in an extremely dry place, there may have a risk of cracking.

・Material/ Box:Paulownia Wood , Braid:Cotton
・Size/ W21.5×H14.2×D13.5cm

・Weight/ 340 g
・Made in Japan

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