Kumiko Craft Tray(L) Asanoha


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“Kumiko” is a Japanese woodwork technique that crossed and laid thin pieces of wood bars. Skilled craftsmen assemble the pieces to an accuracy of 0.1mm. It is a traditional craft that requires a high level of skill, as the craftsman needs to understand the nature and characteristics of the wood.

The wood used for this product is Akita cedar.
Akita cedar is a high-quality wood since ancient times. It is said that the characteristics of Akita Cedar are fine annual tree rings and beautiful wood grain.
The design is Asanoha, hemp leaves, based on a regular hexagon.
Hemp has been used as divine at sacred occasions since ancient times. There was also a custom of clothing a newborn baby in a dress with a hemp leaf pattern to wish for the healthy growth of children.
A triangle also means protection from evil and harm. The pattern of hemp leaves is a collection of triangles which means more strongly.

This plate is an acrylic plate set on a Kumiko. Selecting tableware to match the plate and setting the table will be gorgeous. The wood is coated with waterproof silicone to prevent stains from alcohol and seasonings. The plate can be removed for washing.
You can also serve your food directly on the plate and enjoy your meal.

・Material/ Akita Cedar , Acrylic Plate
・Size/ W31×H2.5×D15.5cm

・Weight/ 350 g
・Made in Japan

Collection: TABLE WARE > TRAY
Collection: WOODEN WARE

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