Magewappa Bento Box "Koban Bento Large"


Sale price¥20,000 JPY


The bent-wood craft work of Akita Cedar, Magewappa, is made in Odate Akita Prefecture.
Magewappa is made of cedar with wood grains uses the annual ring, which has the most beautiful grain of cedar wood.
Wood grains are thinly sliced and soften in hot water, then was bended using molds and let dry. Dried components are sewn together using cherry bark and assembled tightly without gaps then sand-finished.
Each beautiful Magewappa bento box is carefully made by craftsman.

Proper usage and care
After use, wash with water using a mild detergent and sponge to remove of stains.
After washing in water, wipe off the water and dry thoroughly.

Inner container capacity 750ml

・Material/ Akita cedar , Cherry bark , Polyurethane
・Size/ W20.5×H5.5×D13cm

・Note/ Not microwave safe Not dishwasher safe
・Weight/ 280 g
・Made in Japan

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