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Is it like some ritual? rolling up a hanging scroll

In Kyoto, we enjoy the Hydrangea everyday.
This flowers show various colors by the weather of this rainy season.

Today, we will show how to roll up a hanging scroll by movie.
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As we mentioned in our last article, The world of hanging scroll Ver.1, the "Kakejiku", Japanese hanging scroll has some philosophical side.
The figure of hanging scroll shows "your self" and "the environment you are in".

So, when you see the "Kakejiku" hanging scroll, you stay calm and try to face yourself.
This philosophical way is starting from the moment to hang your scroll on the wall and continuing to put your scroll back into the box.

Japanese traditional culture and crafts has the aspect of "kata" which would be translated to the technique or the designated way.
When you put out of the scroll of the wall, and roll up, it would be better to follow the "kata", because it will help you to keep your scroll beautiful with the easiest way even though it seems complicated at first.

Especially, it should be complicated to wind the "makio" string, after rolling up a scroll.
However, if you follow this way, it should be so easy to spread your scroll again and you can keep beautiful your scroll for a long time.

Once, you put a hanging scroll on the wall, please do not remain all year long.
We recommend you to put your scroll back into the box regularly, once every three month, avoiding a rainy day.

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Thank you so much for reading to the end.

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