Movie about Kyoto Handicraft Center by Karim Davis

 What comes to your mind when you hear "Japanese culture"?

Foods culture? traditional crafts? Kimono? or manga? Pokemon?
Some people might imagine some artists like "Hokusai" and "Hiroshige", so wood block prints

There is a creator from Glasgow, Scotland, fascinated by Japanese culture, his name is Karim Davis.

He takes a lot of films by travelling around the world finding interesting places, restaurants, institutes, sport and art centers that are positive in nature and that are animal, environmental and /or ethics friendly.
His activities are always for help sincerely a lot of people and to contribute our society.

Here is a film of Karim Davis taken 2 years ago in our Kyoto Handicraft Center.
It mainly introduce one of the craft experience wood block print and others, our physical store, as well.

As we have to stay quietly at home actually because of the pandemic, Mr.Karim uploaded above movie and other animated movies to give us the positive and happy moment.

If you like them, please give them "Like"  #Japan Films Karims Davis and subscribe to his channel "Karim Davis Films".

You can meet Japanese lively culture through his movies.

In the movie of Kyoto Handicraft Center, you can see where our physical store is located and interesting scene of making wood block print instructed by Makoto Kumagai one of our members who is almost encyclopedia of craft culture with a long history.
This movie is capturing well the KHC's feature; several kinds of cultural experience, and various ranges of items focused on the traditional Japanese crafts in our store.

When the Covit-19's pandemic is over, please visit us not only for shopping but also for the craft experience, of course woodblock print, making damascene(Kyo-Zogan), earth bell doll, scent sachets etc...

We feel so honor to introduce our store through Karim Davis Film, and we would like to express our appreciation to Mr. Karim Davis.

At the end, we would like to touch his newest project "Ethio project".

Ethio project is to help people in Ethiopia through the introduction on his film.
He teamed up with local charities, social conscious businesses, artists and female education centers and create free, good quality short films that they can use for their social media, websites or government meetings to help promote them selves and gain support and funding on a national and international level.

The next film will be released belonging to the Ethio-Project will be called "Magabi Skate" and is a skateboard club that helps local youths by teaching them English, math, sports whilst giving them a safe place to play and make friends and practice bike repair and skateboard crafting!

We highly respect his great courage and ability to take action.

If you are interested in his hommage for Ethopia, please click here.

And, if you are interested in woodblock prints through his movie, please visit the page of woodblock print on our online store.


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