May our package reach you safely.

May our package reach you safely.

Each time we ship your ordered parcels from Kyoto Japan, we pray like this.

Shopping on the online store is different from shopping in the physical store.
When we shop on the website, we are worried if our ordered items arrives to us safely.

As we ship from Kyoto, Japan to overseas, we always take care the way of packing so much.

At first, we make packing with bubble wrapping sheet for each item.

We put them into thick cardboard box and fill extra bubble sheet or extra paper between each items.


As the each boxes are so fixed, even though we shake it, any ratting noise does not cause.

We apply gum tape and finish packing.
When we ship we often put the stamp "FRAGILE", for that delivery person may take care better...

■When your parcel arrives in your country you might pay VAT and import duties

When your parcel arrives in your country, it should be imposed some VAT and some import duties.
If you are residents in EU, the custum's regulatory changes from July 1st 2021, you obligatory bear the VAT for all your import items (even it is small prices) from outside of EU.

As we ship all our items from Kyoto Japan, we have to ask you the understanding about that, and it is customs regulation and we can not arrange in our side.

We appreciate if you accept that.

And even though you are not resident in EU, your government shall impose you the VAT;

-when your ordered items are considered as high price items
-when your ordered items are considered as items of special materials for your country regulation
-other proper reason by your country regulation

Generally, we use DHL  EXPRESSfor shipping, so when the parcel arrives in your country, you shall receive the SMS message or email by DHL. (This is the ODD system of DHL).

You can check the payment of VAT, how to receive the parcel and at the same time, you can arrange the date and hour of receive the parcel.

DHL shipping system is door to door delivery service.
If it does not cause any problem, you will receive the parcel within 5days after your order on the website.

We continue take care of the latest information for the tax regulation and import-export regulation to adhere to these rules.
It would be so important to bring you the ordered items safely.

If necessary, please check this page for the detail of our shipping policy.

Thank you so much for reading to the end.

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