Last day of Kyoto Congress

The last day of Kyoto Handicraft Center @Kyoto Congress

We found that participants and team members of Congress seem more relaxed than before, that shows the success of this prestigious congress.
Some participants have been already checking out the meetings, we did not see less visitors in our temporary shop.

So, I had the time to look around the public space of Kyoto International Conference Center.

Kyoto International Conference Center opened in 1966 by the design of Japan's leading architect at that time, Sachio Otani.
The notable points of his architecture are the expression of "Hope for the future of our society " and "Cohabitation of people and the architecture". So, his architectures are representative modern concrete architecture of the Era of Showa(1926-1989) which gives the impression of solid and the building with straight line, but at the same time, give us the impression of warm and full of human love.

By the way, I started walked on the green carpet in the public space.

This carpet has three-demensional waving pattern. It expresses the "moss ". As you can see a lot of beautiful real carpet of "moss" in the traditional Japanese garden in Kyoto, so the pattern of the "moss" has the important meaning for this design.

This design looks like also the river flowing, because the Industrial technology of Kyoto has developed by the water flowing by the irrigation cannel of Biwako lake water; the flowing from Shiga prefecture to Kyoto.

And, gentle sunlight to the interior...

The design that the sunlight come into gently is the characteristic especially in Japan.
Japanese people like so much gentle sunlight rays through the Shoji (Japanese sliding doors consist of wooden frames and thin Japanese paper) .

The garden from the entrance of the banquet room "Swan".

You can see some mountains.

The stained glass.

The representative design of the Era of "Showa".

The designs of Kyoto International Conference Center seems perfect!

We wish to express our deep appreciation to those who organized Kyoto Congress and who offered us the occasion to open our temporary shop in the Kyoto International Conference Center.

And thank you so much for all visitors to our shop!

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