KHC shop at Kyoto Congress Ver.1

The 14th UN Congress on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, we call generally "Kyoto Congress" is held in Kyoto International Conference Center.
Our Kyoto Handicraft Center is opening temporary shop there for the participants and the people involved from overseas.

We, online store team is also selling there.

This Congress is the first large-scale convention held in since the pandemic of Covid-19.

Though about 6,000people might have participated in this Congress, 4,200participants in which took part in the session on line,
then about 1,000 participants from 13 countries are physically participating in here, Kyoto.

Not only participants from overseas, but also the organizers, all staffs like us took a PCR test in advance and are thoroughly taking count measures against the virus.

Now, I wear the N95 special mask (not medical mask, just general mask) is providing for us!
So, Here I go!

Arrange the items well,

Are we ready??

Let's go!



We are seeing a lot of customers in our shop everyday!
How greatful it is!!

Our customers are really enjoying their shopping, in developing and discovering JAPANESE CULTURE through our items.

This time, all visitors from overseas are strictly cut dorn on their activities to prevent the spread of infection, so they only stay at the hotel, or stay at the Conference center. That's all...

This is why, we would like to offer enjoyable moment for shopping.
As the space of our temporary shop in the KICC is limited, it is impossible to prepare all items of our head store in Okazaki, but our support staffs bring additional items by responding the request from our customers everyday.

If you are a physical participant of this Kyoto Congress, please visit our physical store, just next to money exchange corner of 1st floor.


***Temporary shop of KYOTO HANDICRAFT CENTER in KICC***
Date: the 7th March - the 12th March
Hour: 11:00-16:00

We are looking forward to seeing from you soon!!


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