KHC shop at Kyoto Congress Ver.2

KHC temporary shop @Kyoto Congress.

Excellent smile!

She is our one of the lovely team member, loved also by our customers as "Furoshiki lady".
Furoshiki is Japanese traditional wrapping cloth which we can use like ecological bag.

Our "Furoshiki lady" make a bag with this one cloth so easily, by using to plate called as "Furoshiki patchin".


This plate has two holes to put the corner cloth of Furoshiki to make a knot, and it has magnet!
This is why we can make so easily a lovely bag with one Furoshiki cloth, gentle item for the earth too.

If you are interested in our Furoshiki, please click here.

And please look at this tea pot of Nanbu tekki.
(Please see the detail of Nanbu tekki from here.)

The color of this pot is pinkish which will give the image of spring.
You can enjoy not only Japanese green tea, but also black tea and herb tea.
If you continue to use for long time, the color might change but it will so tasteful!
This change is also Japanese way to enjoy the ironware.

However, please do not put this pot over the fire.

Anyway, we are 4th day to open our temporary shop at Kyoto Congress.
A lot of customers come to our shop, and some of them come everyday to discover Japanese culture.
One of them say that they can not come to Japan so easily, so this is the precious occasion to discover the Japan.

We will do our best to help all visitors to our shop to enjoy shopping well!

Temporary shop of Kyoto Handicraft Center @Kyoto Congress
Term: March 7th - March 12th
Hour: 11:00 - 16:00
Venue: 1st floor in Kyoto International Conference Center



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