Trick Box "Magic box"


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Yosegi zaiku is a traditional wooden craft that creates geometric patterns by combining different colors of wood. 

It is made in Hakone, Kanagawa Prefecture known as the origin of a wide variety of timber. Each product has different patterns, so please note that your box may vary from the one shown in the pictures.One of the typical products of yosegi zaiku is Trick box, but this one is a unique box with which you can do magic tricks to vanish small objects you put in it. The trick is very simple, so everyone can enjoy.
Not only as a magic toy, you can use it to keep thin or small things like cards and paperclips.
※”Secret Box” in the video is the same product as “Trick Box”.

・Material: Wood
・Size: W12.0 x D9.0 x H2.0cm
・Weight: 100g
・Made in Japan

※動画内ではSecret Box と呼んでいますが、Trick Boxと同一商品です。

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