Copying Sutra with Extra-Fine Brush Pen Set “Sai”

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Copying Sutra is one of Buddhist training. It is effective for mind and body, and booming these days. Sit straight first, take a deep breath to calm your mind and start.
This is a set of copying sutra that you can easily start immediately.
The brush pen is an extra-fine type with a tip thickness of 2 mm, which is the best brush pen for copying sutras. Since it a water-based pigment ink that does not flow into water after it dries and does not fade, the characters do not bleed even when exposed to water.
Includes an example made of a durable paper and 16 papers with ruled lines. The papers can be seen through and traced. Made by Akashiya Co.
Let’s experience copying sutras!
・Brush pen, Writing paper 16 sheets, Example, Simple copying sutra guide in Japanese

・Material/ Brush :Special polyester hair , Brush color:Ink black , Brush handle:ABS resin , Writing paper:Japanese Washi Paper
・材質/ ペン先:特殊ポリエステル , 色:墨色 , ペン軸:ABS樹脂 , 写経用紙:和紙
・Size/ Writing paper:45.4×28×cm , Brush Pen:φ0.7×16.7×cm , Exterior size:4×21.5×0.1cm
・Diameter / φ0.7cm

・Weight/ 140 g
・Made in Japan

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