Calligraphy Kakizome Writing Brush “Santo” 書初め用筆 山都 2号

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Kakizome is the first calligraphy writing of the new year, when people write in hopes of making a fresh start and improving their writing skills. They write their New Year’s resolutions. Being good at writing has been an important part of Japanese culture.
This writing brush “Santo” is suitable for making Kakizome works of school calligraphy and for writing on wide papers as hobby calligraphy. It has the features, which express both of the sharp line of the regular script and the soft line of running script. The bristle is absorbed the ink well and it is easy to keep the tip together. Made by Akashiya Co.

・Material/ Main raw hair:Horsehair, Wool, Raccoon hair , Coat color:Brown , Hardness:Slightly hard , Jiku Handle:Bamboo
・材質/ 主原毛:馬毛、羊毛、狸毛 , 毛色:茶色 , 硬さ:やや硬め , 軸:竹
・Size/ φ13.5×25.6×cm , Exterior size:4.5×32.5×1.5cm
・Diameter / φ13.5cm
・Attitude/ Beginner to intermediate ・Use/ Xuan paper, Regular script, Semi-cursive script
・Weight/ 20 g
・Made in China


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