Calligraphy Writing Brush 2-piece set for Beginners “Kenmō Shosharaku" 兼毛書写楽二本組 育+望Bセット


Sale price¥7,600 JPY


A set of thick brush and fine brush for beginners in calligraphy, made by Akashiya Co. established in Nara Prefecture in 1716. Each has a grip made of rubber material, that helps you hold the brush in the correct position.
The brush tip is made with “Kenmō”, which is a combination with soft and hard brush hairs. It creates an ideal balance that combines the natural suppleness of wool and horsehair with the strong elasticity of artificial hair.
“Shosharaku” is a product series named by Akashiya product company.
The ink flows easily and is easy to clean. It is designed so that beginners can use it with confidence.

・Material/ Main raw hair:Horsehair, Wool, Special polyester hair , Coat color:White , Hardness:Hard , Jiku Handle:ABS resin
・材質/ 主原毛:羊毛、馬毛、人造毛(特殊ポリエステル) , 毛色:白色 , 硬さ:硬め , 軸:ABS樹脂
・Size/ Thick brush:φ12.8×24.1×cm , Fine brush: φ7.8×20.8×cm , Exterior size:4.5×32.5×1.4cm
・Diameter / φ12.8, fine:φ7.8cm
・Attitude/ Beginner ・Use/ Penmanship, Classroom ・For a Hanshi-paper/ 2-4 letters
・Weight/ 26 g
・Made in China


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