Goshuin-cho notebook “Shower on Ohashi Bridge at Atake” “Asakusa Paddy Fields and Torinomachi Festival”

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Goshuin-cho is a special notebook for collecting red ink stamps and calligraphy given at temples or shrines as a proof of visits them.
The both sides of cover are a woodblock print pattern by the famous Ukiyo-e artist Hiroshige, which is one of One Hundred Famous Views of Edo.
The front cover is a view of realistic sudden shower. It is also masterpiece well-known by that Van Gogh also imitated it. The back cover is a view of a cat watching a line of people going to a festival. It is made by UNSODO publisher.
The inner paper is made by pasting two papers together, which makes it difficult the ink to bleed through. It will be a wonderful companion for your trip in Japan.

・Material/ Whole:Japanese Washi Paper , Cover:Torinoko washi paper , Inner paper:Hosho washi paper:
・Size/ 12×18×1.5cm

・Other info/ 11 mountain folds / 44 pages for double-sided use / 22 pages for single side use / Included 2 title stickers
・Weight/ 200 g
・Made in Japan

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