Wood stand "Double hook" Glossy


Sale price¥13,000 JPY



This stand would be used for two swords (long sword and short sword) or on sword (only for long sword).

If two swords are put on this, please put long sword on the upper hook , and short sword on the lower hook.
If only one long sword is put on this, please remove the blade from sheath, then put the blade on the upper hook and sheath on the lower hook.

If you would like use for only short sword, we recommend you "mini stand single hook" for the balance.

The parts of stand would be removed and packed into box(6cm×42.5cm×17cm) to ship.
Please assemble by yourself after receiving package.

・Material: Wood, lacquered (shining)
・Weight: 850g
・Country of origin : Taiwan

・There are slight damages including scrathes on the surface of wooden board.
We ask for your understanding.

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR
Collection: SAMURAI >

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