Iai practice sword "Sengo Muramasa" 居合刀 千子村正


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This Iai practice sword is manufactured in Gifu Prefecture which has historically known workplace of Japanese sword. The blade is handmade with the traditional technique of sand casting..

This sword was made by “Sengo Muramasa”, one of the famous swordsmith from Ise (Mie prefecture). His name is so popular and even persons who are not familiar with the sword know well because of its furious back stories of Tokugawa Ieyasu (1st General of Edo bakufu, government, 17th century), and it is known as “Yo-to Muramasa”(spine-chilling Muramasa).
Grand father , father and son of Tokugawa Ieyasu ware killed by the sword of Sengo Muramasa, and Ieyasu was also injured by this sword. So, people say that “Muramasa gives a kind of divine punishment to Tokugawa family”.
Tokugawa Ieyasu was so competent general but, as he was too clever, and not so beautiful man, some people hated him. So, the sword by Sengo Muramasa was loved by people who do not like political authority.
The hamon pattern on a blade is designed like big wave, so it become so beautiful when the light reflects.

This sword should be used not only for Iai practice, but also for decoration in your living.

If you are interested in, we have wood stands which are sold separately, so please check them too.

【What is Japanese swords?】

【Cautions for use and shipping】
・As the material of blade is different from real sword, you can not sharpen it.
・These swords are made for decoration, please do not swing strongly them to avoid crashing.
・There are cases that you can not import these kinds of swords because of the rules in importing country. Please check well the regulations of importing country and purchase them under your responsibility.

・Full length : 106cm
・Blade: 76.5cm
・Hand guard: φ7.5cm
・Weight: about 1500g

・Blade (Toshin): Zinc alloy using the sand casting,
・Hilt wrapping (Tsukamaki) : Cotton, Black
・Hilt under braids (Samegawa) : Ray skin, White
・Sheath (Sayanuri) : ISHIME NUR(Stone surface design)
・Collar at the sword hilt (Fuchigashira) : Copper, Tetsusen karakusa ( arabesque pattern)
・Ornament of the hilt under braids (Menuki) : Alloy, Tomoe Umebach Zu (Plum blossoms)
・The cord used to tie the sheath to the belt (Sageo) : Cotton, Black

・Country of origin: Japan

こちらは居合の練習用にお使いいただける模造刀で、千子村正の写しです。千子村正の出生については謎が多いとされていますが、起源は伊勢(三重県)といわれています。村正の刀はのちに、徳川家康の祖父である松平清康、父広忠、嫡男信康が討ち取られた際に使用されたため、徳川家に祟りのある刀として有名になり、歌舞伎などの演目でも取り上げられるようになりました。そのため「妖刀 村正」として知られるようになりました。




刀身 : 砂型鋳造
鍔 : 鉄製、巴梅鉢図
鮫皮 : 白鮫
縁頭 : 銅製、鉄線唐草図
目貫 : 合金製、山椒図
鞘塗 : 石目塗
下緒 : 綿、黒、


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