Iai practice sword "Sozame koshirae by Izuminokami Kanesada"

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This Iai practice sword is manufactured in Gifu Prefecture which has historically known workplace of Japanese sword. The blade is handmade with the traditional technique of sand casting..

This sword is made by Izuminokami Kanesada famous swordsmith from Gifu Prefecture. As the blade was so well balanced, a lot of Samurai loved his sword. Kanesada made various kinds of blades with several hamon pattern. The hamon of this sword is called “Midareba”, the pattern like big wave.

The sheath is made by special technique “SAMEGAWA-TOGIDASHI” . This is the technique where the shark skin (actually the skin of a ray) is covered on the sheath and polished until becomes a smooth surface. Then cashew or urethane is coated and polished again where requires time and patient to finish.

This sword should be used not only for Iai practice, but also for decoration in your living.
We sell wood stand separately too.
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【What is Japanese swords?】
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【 Regarding shipping long sword 】
Due to size restrictions, or import restrictions, some countries may not be able to accept a long sword.
※This is part of the information that we have. There may be other countries that cannot be shipped.
■Countries that cannot be shipped due to size restrictions
× Australia / Spain
■Countries that cannot be shipped due to Import restrictions
× Most Asian countries
…Most Asian countries do not allow to import of kinds of swords.
× The U.K.

...To ship an imitation sword, the blade length has to be less than 50 centimeters. Our long swords are around 1 meter, so it is impossible to ship a long sword to the U.K.

【Cautions for use and shipping】
・As the material of blade is different from real sword, you can not sharpen it.
・These swords are made for decoration, please do not swing strongly them to avoid crashing.
・There are cases that you can not import these kinds of swords because of the rules in importing country. Please check well the regulations of importing country and purchase them under your responsibility.

・Full length : 106cm
・Blade: 76cm
・Hand guard: φ7.5cm
・Weight: 1500g

・Blade (Toshin): Zinc alloy using the sand casting
・Hand guard (Tsuba) : KAGECHO-ZU (Butterfly) , Metal
・The metal to fix the blade (Habaki) : Silver
・The metal to fix the hand guard : Silver
・Hilt wrapping (Tsukamaki) : Pure silk , Dark blue
・Hilt under braids (Samegawa) : Ray skin, white
・Sheath (Sayai) : Souitomakikoshirae ( wound up by strong thightly twisted threads)
・Collar at the sword hilt (Fuchigashira) : HIRANAMI-ZU (Wave) ,Brass
・Ornament of the hilt under braids (Menuki) : HASUKOI-ZU (Lotus & Carp) , Alloy
・Sheath (Sayanuri) : Magnolia obovate, So Samemaki Koshirae
・The cord used to tie the sheath to the belt (Sageo) : Pure silk , Dark blue

・Country of origin: Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR

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