Ornamental sword "Matte black" Long


Size: Long
Sale price¥25,500 JPY


These ornamental swords are manufactured in Gifu Prefecture which has historically known workplace of Japanese sword. The blade of these kinds of decorative swords are machine-made and it would make you enjoy with more reasonable prices than Iai practice swords. These Matte black swords are one of the traditional design. The lacquering of sheath is called “Ishime-nuri” , using the lacquer mixed with charcoal powder. “Ishime” means the surface of stone.

We sell wood stand separately too.
If you are interested in, please check the page of Wood stand "Double hook" Glossy from here.

【What is Japanese swords?】
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【Cautions for use and shipping】
・As the material of blade is different from real sword, you can not sharpen it.
・These swords are made for decoration, please do not swing strongly them to avoid crashing.
・There are cases that you can not import these kinds of swords because of the rules in importing country. Please check well the regulations of importing country and purchase them under your responsibility.

■L (Long sword)
・Full length : 103cm
・Blade : 72.5cm
・Hand guard : 7cm×6cm
・Weight :1.6kg

・Blade (Toshin) : Zinc alloy using the die casting
・Hand guard (Tsuba) : Aluminium die cast
・Hilt wrapping (Tsukamaki) : Polyester
・Hilt under braids (Samegawa) : Plastic
・Ornament of the hilt under braids (Menuki) : Alminium die-cast
・Sheath (Sayanuri) : Magnolia obovate with urethane coating

・Country of origin : Japan

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