Chopsticks Set of 2P "Wave"若狭塗夫婦箸 祝波

¥4,200 JPY
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Chopsticks Set of 2P "Wave"若狭塗夫婦箸 祝波

¥4,200 JPY
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This product is made in Obama City, Fukui Prefecture.
The place is known for the production of Wakasa lacquerware which was designated as Traditional Crafts in 1978.
More than 80% of lacquered chopsticks of Japan are made in Obama City.
It is a gift set of 2 pairs of chopsticks which comes in a wooden box.
It can be used as a wide range of gifts such as wedding gift and gift for parents.
The design of wave is very Japanese and chic. One pair is 21cm and the other is 23cm.
These chopsticks are not dishwasher-safe, so please wash them by hand after use.

・Material: Wood
・Size: 21cm and 23cm
・Weight: 100g
・Made in Japan