Carp Streamer /2.0m


Color: Red
Sale price¥15,400 JPY


When Children’s day of May 5th approaches in Japan, families with boys hang up the carp streamer called “Koinobori” outside the house and celebrate the healthy and growth of children.
A carp is a symbol of strength, success in life. It is also thought to be the most spirited and the lucky fish which protect boys from misfortune and evils. It comes from Chinese legends that carp becomes dragon when he swims up whitewater rapids and win among other fishes.
Basically, black Koinobori represents a father, red one represents a mother and blue one represents a boy. Nowadays, it is becoming more popular to hang up carp of any size and color.

・Material: nylon
・Size: 200.0 x 50.0cm
・Weight: 180g
・made in Japan

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