Yukata Knee Unisex Cotton "White Gion" 浴衣 長伴天 男女共用 綿 白祇園


Size: Regular
color: white
Sale price¥9,200 JPY


Knee Length Yukata with Japanese Literature printed on the fabric. The quatation is from Gion Shoja, the beginning of The Tale of the Heike. "The sound of bells echoes through the monastery at Gion Shoja, telling all who hear it that nothing is permanent. The flowers of the sala trees show that all that flourishes must fade. Proud men, powerful men will fall, like dreams on a spring night, like dust before the wind."
This Yukata comes with a sash, easy to put on even without assistance. It also have convenient big pockets to hold your belongings.
・Material/ Cotton

・Size/ ××cm

・Weight/ 300 g
・Made in Japan


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