Kimono Women's Cotton "Ribbon" (Pink)


color: Pink
Sale price¥11,100 JPY


Kimono has developed as the traditional Japanese clothing.
Today most Japanese only wear them on special occasions such as the New Year’s season and for weddings. They are often expensive and also difficult to put on by ourselves.
This cotton kimono is easy-to-wear items and is quite popular as a comfortable home cloth or as a bathrobe. You can experience the Japanese culture and feel familiar with it.
This ribbon pattern expresses a bunch of abalones thin made, which is a symbol of wealth and longevity. It is popular to use for weddings and celebrations. It comes with a sash of the same fabric attached in the sleeve.

Please note that there is an individual difference in how the pattern appears.
Recommend ironing after washing.


・Material / Cotton
・Size / M(Regular) , XL
・Weight / M:460g XL:540g
・Made in Japan

collection: Kimono Cotton Full length

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