Jinbei Kid's Cotton "Flower" Pink 甚平 子供 綿 鈴 ピンク


Size: XS
Color: pink
Sale price¥8,100 JPY


Jinbei is easier to move and wear than a yukata, so it is perfect for energetic children. The elastic waist of the shorts makes it easy to put on and take off.
Beautiful flowers and Mari, which means a Ball, are adorned throughout the kimono, giving it a cute girlish design. Mari represents nobility and elegance from the "Ke-Mari (Ke means kicking)" that was a play of the aristocrats. The material is 100% cotton, so it is soft to the touch and breathable.
You can wash it at home, but you need to be careful as it shrinks easily and color transfer. This is made in Thailand, but the design is made in Japan.

・Material/ Cotton
・Weight/ 100 g
・Made in Thailand


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