Edo Kiriko Glass “Karai” Kamaboko Red


Sale price¥30,000 JPY


Edo glass and Edo Kiriko, cutting glass, are traditional crafts of Tokyo.

These are beautiful crafts created one by one by craftsmen, inheriting the techniques and souls that passed down to them since the Edo period.

It is the "Karai" series, created in the image of a flower bud. The soft and graceful form, similar to a wine glass, matches aromatic drinks as the narrow brim prevents the aroma from escaping.

The beautiful cutting of this product like jewels is cut one by one by skilled Edo Kiriko craftsmen. The cut of this glass is a rounded U-shape (kamaboko), which gives it a warm and soft impression.

It is recommended as a glass to enjoy a little special time.


Please note that the size and weight of each product may be slightly different as each product is handmade.

This product should not be placed in microwaves, ovens, freezers, and dishwashers, or on a direct flame.

Please be aware that glass may break if subjected to sudden changes in heat(a heat change of 42degrees will cause breakage.)


・Material/ Glass

・Size/ φ8.7×H9.5cm , Box:W17×H12×D15cm

・Weight/ 320 g

Made in Japan

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