Shigaraki Ware Sake Bottle “Country-style”


Sale price¥8,700 JPY


This product is made in Shigaraki, Shiga Prefecture.
Shigaraki is one of the Six Ancient Kilns in Japan, and Shigaraki Ware was designated as Traditional Crafts of Japan in 1976.
High quality clay from Shigaraki creates the simple, warm and rustic texture which is characteristic of Shigaraki Ware.
The feature of this cup is the beautiful orange color and the rough surface.
The size and color will be slightly different as each product is handmade. Please enjoy the individuality.
We also carry a sake cup with same design that can be used together with this bottle.

・Material/ Ceramics
・Size/ φ9.5×H14cm
・Note/ Non-microwave safe Non-dishwasher safe
・Weight/ 320 g
・Made in Japan

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