Calligraphy scroll large size "Yume" 書掛軸 大サイズ 夢

¥26,000 JPY
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Calligraphy scroll large size "Yume" 書掛軸 大サイズ 夢

¥26,000 JPY
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"Yume" means "dream in Japanese.
The letter of "Yume" expresses somthing looks vaguely in the gressfield at night.
In Japane people sometimes say that the world where people live is shadowy and fragile like dream.
It means that real life is like illusion and deam is also like illusion.
so, we actually pin the hopes on our dream.
Please enjoy the bold calligraphy of "Yume" which contains your bright future.

【About the serie of Calligraphy scroll】
All serie of Calligraphy scrolls are hand writing by Kofude Ougai, a Calligrapher from Kyoto.
The images on this website are some examples of her works.
All Calligraphy scrolls are directly handwriting by Kofude Ougai, each work has each feature.
Please note that the Calligraphy you ordered should be slightly different from the images on the website.
If you would like to confirm the exact images, could you please contact us by email at

【PROFILE of Kofude Ougai】

Born and raised in Kyoto
At the age five study under Calligrapher
At the age Seven study under Modern Artist Shingai Tanaka

President of Calligraphy Calsses ""BOKUSHINN SHOGEI""
Kurama, Nishigamo, Jyodoji of Kyoto, Japan

Classes in Overseas;
Lyon, Bourg-Argental in France, Helsinki in Finland

1995 Exhibit at"Kyoto no Sho"in FRANCE (LYON)
1996 Exhibit at"Japanese Art Exhibition"in FRANCE (LYON)
2002 Exhibit at "Calligraphy Selection Exhibition"in CZECH (PRAGUE)
2006 Exhibit at "Chinese Japanese Exchange Exhibition"in China
2011 Exhibit at "Calligraphe de Kyoto"in FRANCE (LYON)
2012 Private Exhibition "Conscience" in FRANCE (LOIRE)
2013 Exhibit at "50th Anniversary of Partner City between
Cologne and Kyoto"in Germany

2010 Exhibit at "Parent & Child Exhibition" in Kyoto
2014 Private Exhibition at "Ommage" in Kyoto, Hounen-temple
2014 Part-time Lecturer at Management Department of Momoyama Gakuin University
2015- Designer for the poster of Kyoto Pink Ribbon

Annual Event: "Commemoration of the Buddha's Birthday and the Virtues of Budda"
By BOKUSHIN Calligraphy

Other: Exhibitor, Presenter, Performer, Logo Designer
・Material/ Calligraphy part and mounting:Washi paper , Bottom dowell:Plastic
・材質/ 書、表装:和紙 , 軸先:プラスチック
・Size/ Hanging scroll:50×102.5×2.5cm , Outer box:6×51.5×4.8cm

・Weight/ 340 g
・Made in Japan



【書道家 小筆凰外 プロフィール】

5歳? 京都の著名な書道家 安井吾心に師事
7歳? 書道家・現代美術家 田中心外に師事

墨心書芸 主宰

1995 フランス・リヨンにて "京都の書"出品
1996   フランス・リヨンにて"日本美術展"出品
2002 チェコ・プラハにて"書道選抜展"出品
2006 中国 "日中書法交流展"出品
2011 フランス・リヨンにて"Calligraphe de Kyoto"出品
2012 フランス・ロワールにて"Conscience"個展
2013 ドイツ・コローニュにて"京都・ケルン姉妹都市提携50周年記念"出品

毎年 鞍馬寺花供養慶讃 墨心書芸展を主宰するほか
各種書道展出品、講演会、パフォーマンス、ロゴデザイン 等

2010 京都 空鍵屋 "親子展"
2014 京都 法然院 "Ommage"個展
2014 桃山学院大学経営学科 非常勤講師
2015より ピンクリボン京都ポスターデザイン担当