Woodblock print "Moonlight at Yasaka Pagoda" by Takeji Asano / UNSODO


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"Moonlight at Yasaka Pagoda" is a woodblock print designed by Takeji Asano.
The Yasaka pagoda illuminated by the moonlight beautifully expresses the atmosphere of autumn.
Takeji Asano stuck to do all process for making a print alone, he had a unique way for his artworks in Sosaku Hanga style. Takeji Asano worked in Shin Hanga and Sosaku Hanga style.
His many works ware published by UNSODO publisher from 1945 and now on.
This was printed by UNSODO publisher, reproduction.

Takeji Asano (1900-1998)
Born in Kyoto. Takeji Asano was a student of Tsuchida Bakusen.
He was active in Japanese painting at first.He started making a print from 1930.
His achievements are recognized by many artists.

Material/ Japanese washi paper
Size/ width 24 × height 36

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