Japanese Doll "Fragrance of flower(Two Fans)" Size5


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Japanese dolls have been given to brides as one of the household items since the Edo period.
The doll had an important role in substituting the disaster.

This "Fragrance of flower(Two Fans)"is made in a traditional way. Especially, the face is traditional making. The base of the face is made by a chip of wood, and the finish is Gohun finish which is used powder of shell dissolved in water. It has a more Japanese-like face.

Japanese doll is handmade one by one, there are slight differences in the ornaments and decorations of kimono.
Please note.

  Hair : Silk
  Face : Porcelain (Chip of paulownia wood, GOFUN finish)
  Kimono : Silk, Polyester, Cotton
・Size: W18.0 x D14.0 x H26.0 cm
・Made in Japan

※GOFUN finish…Painting by special liquid which is powdered clamshell dissolved with glue.

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