Japanese Doll "Kotobuki (Two fans)" Size6


Sale price¥82,000 JPY


Japanese dolls have been presented to brides as household items since the Edo period.
The doll had an important role in substituting the disaster.

This " Kotobuki (Two fans) " is made in a more traditional way for the face. The base of the face is made by a chip of wood, and the finish is Gohun finish which is used powder of shell dissolved in glue. It has a more Japanese-like face.

Japanese doll is handmade one by one, there are slight differences in the ornaments and decorations of kimono.
Please note.

Hair : Silk
Face : Porcelain
Kimon : Silk, Polyester, Cotton

Size/ width 22.5× height 34 × depth 18 cm

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