Japanese Doll "Yaegaki Princess" Size10

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High quality of Japanese Doll

Our Japanese dolls are all hand-crafted using authentic material. The making of the head, planting hair, painting the face (makeup), are all hand-crafted. Also, the costume (Kimono) is hand-crafted too, it is absolutely amazing. The costume was specially made for the doll. To make a costume for a doll, the pattern has to be small design (not able to be the same as for humans to wear). The doll wears many layers of beautiful kimonos with different hand-made patterns. The costume was assembled by a professional assembler. Now, it is getting harder to prepare clothes for dolls, so not many dolls can be made as before.


Japanese dolls have been presented to brides as household items since the Edo period. The doll had an important role in substituting the disaster.

Regarding Materials of our Japanese dolls
The face is made of porcelain, hair is made of silk. Especially, the hair accessories are very detail-full same as real as if people actually use it. The decoration of flowers and other items in hair parts are been very carefully made.

Regarding  "Yaegaki Princess"

Size:10 (Height 46 (18 inch))
The most popular size in our lineup of Japanese dolls.

A point worthy of special mention
This is a popular doll in our shop. This doll has a helmet of the Takeda family known as white long hair. It is very curious.
This "Yaegaki Princess” has a large helmet which has white long hair. The helmet is known as Takeda’s family. Takeda family is a well-known Daimyo(feudal lord) in the civil war era (Sengoku period). Also, her hair accessory is characteristic. Many silver flowers on her head.
This "Yaegaki Princess" is a fictional character that comes from the performance of Kabuki. In the story, the princess is the daughter of Nagao Kenshin. There were Nagao family and Takeda family treating as an enemy each other.
The princess was engaged to be married to the sun of the enemy who is Takeda Katsuyori planed by Shogun Yoshiharu Ashikaga to fix the relationship. But after that, Shogun Yoshiharu Ashikaga was suddenly killed by someone. Both of the family’s sun was ordered to kill if they would not find the killer.
But they could not find it, so Katsuyori did Seppuku(suicide). The princess was so upset because she loved him. But actually, the Katsuyori was a fake person, the real Katsuyori was grown in another place. He called Minosaku. When the princess met Minosaku, she was surprised that it looked like a twin, she entreats to be Minosaku together. In trading, she got a mission to get back the helmet from the house of Nagao which was robbed. The helmet is a family treasure of the Takeda family.
・Head (Face)
This doll's head is made in a traditional way. The base is made from plaster and painted with liquid of “Gofun” several times. “Gofun” is powdered shell of clams mixed with glue. The surface becomes porcelain.

●Individual difference

Japanese doll is handmade one by one, there are slight differences in the ornaments and decorations of kimono.
●Little glue on a part or parts is coming off when it arrives you sometimes.
The parts are glued by hand, so you might see a little glue on a part but it is not defective. Also, a large part such as a hat, a helmet, large flowers, there is a possibility of coming off when it arrives you. It happens often, please attach it with wood glue on yourself.

・Hair: Silk
・Face: Porcelain
(Made by a traditional method)
Plaster, Gofun finish (Painted by powdered clams with glue)
・Kimono: Silk, Polyester, Cotton
・Width 27 × height 46 (18 inch) × depth 21 cm
・Made in Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR

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