Furoshiki & Handle Set "Takehisa Yumeji" Ring handle

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Design: Dokudami-Green
Handle: Black
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A lovely set for a wrapping cloth "Furoshiki" and a pair of handles "Bag Ring" with which can make a cute size of bag.

It completes with a cute bag by tying Furoshiki with 2 rings!
It will be so suitable for not only for a western style of clothes but also for Yukata or Kimono.
Since it includes the instruction paper on how to make a bag with Furoshiki, you can make it easy.

The retro and modern patterns are all designed by Takehisa Yumeji (1884-1934).
He is a famous artist known for his paintings depicting beautiful women and also a pioneer of Japanese graphic design.

People have cherished the culture of wrapping since ancient times in Japan.
Furoshiki, the traditional square wrapping cloth, is versatile, and itself can be a bag.
It is ideal for main bags or eco bags for its lightness and washable, and it contributes to the sustainable society by reducing plastic waste bags.
The cotton fabric is just right firm to use it as Furoshiki bag.
Of course, you can enjoy just Furoshiki as a room interior such as a cushion cover and a tablecloth.
Why don’t you start earth-friendly eco life with Furoshiki?

【Motif of Furoshiki】
・Green: Four Leaves and Houttuynia "Doku-dami" express good luck and good for health.
・Red: Rice dumplings "Tsunagi-Dango" design the image of Gion area in Kyoto.
・Russet "Azuki" / Light Grey: Camellia is an auspicious flower and a typical Yumeji design.

【Color of Bag Ring】
・Black / Brown / Clear (Transparent)

・Please wash Furoshiki separate from other items to prevent color transfer.
・Recommended size of Furoshiki suits for the Bag Ring: about 70cm, 90cm, 100cm.

・Material/ Cloth:100% Cotton , Handle:Acrylic resin
・Size/ Furoshiki:W90×H90cm , Ring handle:
・Diameter / φ13cm

・Weight/ 220 g
・Made in Japan

Collection: BAG / POUCH

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