Framed Fabric Art "Gion Festival"


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Tatsumura Textile, founded in 1894, is known for restoring the antique textiles preserved in the Shosoin in Nara, but it is also widely known for creating unique and original art brocade. The company established a new genre of "Art brocade"
The brand is popular with the Imperial family and has many fans both in Japan and abroad.
The Gion Festival dates from the late 9th century when Kyoto became the capital of Japan. It originated as a ritual of Yasaka Shrineto encounter the national epidemic. It continues from the 1st of July until the 29th of July every year. The festival reaches its climax on the 17th of July when beautiful and gorgeous floats, decorated with time-honored treasures, form a procession marching through the streets of the city. It shows the energy and enthusiasm of the townspeople who once reconstructed the town of Kyoto which had been reduced to ashes by the civil war in the 15th century.
The tapestry represents the joyful parade of the grand floats in artistic textile.
It is with framed. Please display it in your favorite place.

Cautions When Using :
* As the TATSUMURA FABRIC is 100% silk, avoid to store in a high-humid place.
* When stain removal is required, ask professional specialist.

・Material/ Textile:Silk96%・Polyester 4% , Frame:Natural Wood・Acrylic Plate
・Size/ W63×H50×D4.9cm

・Weight/ 3900 g
・Made in Japan

Product Type: HOME DÉCOR

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