Nishijin Brocade Medium-sized Folding Screen (M) Kassen


Sale price¥9,000 JPY


Using a rich variety of colored threads, including gold and silver threads, this Kyoto brocade expresses the grace and splendor of Kyoto, as well as the dignity and elegance of the ancient capital.

The glittering brocade folding screen will add a touch of elegance and glamour to your room just by placing it there.

There are three pattern variations: "New Aoi," which represents Aoi Festival, one of the three major festivals in Kyoto; "Gissha," which represents the ox carriage of Heian aristocrats; and "Kassen," which depicts fighting Samurai warriors.

With its moderate size, it can be easily displayed in any room.

・Material/ Polyester, Nylon, Gold Thread, Paper
・Size/ W28×H23×D0.4cm

・Weight/ 280 g
・Made in Japan

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