Edo Kiriko Heat Resistant Glass


Sale price¥20,000 JPY


Edo glass and Edo Kiriko, cutting glass, are traditional crafts of Tokyo. These are beautiful crafts created one by one by craftsmen, inheriting the techniques and souls that passed down to them since the Edo period. It is made by Hirota Glass which is one of the most traditional glassware companies in Tokyo. Since established in 1899, it has dedicated itself to the creation of handmade products that possess an endearing warmth that is often lacking in machine-manufactured glassware. It is made of Edo glass, using the traditional Edo Kiriko technique of cutting directly into the glass. The pattern is the chrysanthemum, a Japanese design. It is made of hard glass and can be used with hot drinks. Please note that the size and weight of each product may be slightly different as each product is handmade. This product should not be placed in microwaves, ovens, freezers, and dishwashers, on a direct flame. Please be aware that glass may break if subjected to sudden changes in heat(a heat change of 40degrees will cause breakage.) 【Specification】 ・Material/ Glass ・Size/ φ9×H5.5cm , Box:W12×H11.8×D18.6cm ・Weight/ 260 g ・Made in Japan

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