Small Hanging Scroll Bungyo Nakatani "Sweet fish"


Sale price¥56,000 JPY


This kind of hanging scroll is smaller than general hanging scroll and you may enjoy more casually.
Gnerally, the hanging scroll is large, because it should be set over the Tokonoma which is the spac of 1.45㎡
to decorate the flowers, swords etc...
However, this kind of small scroll should be hung on easily even though you have only narrow space.

If you are interested in general size of hanging scroll, please click here.

This painting of "Sweet fish" may give you "fresh and cool" atomosphere especially in the hot summer season.

Please note that this small scroll you ordered should be slightly different from the images on the website.
If you would like to confirm the exact images, could you please contact us by email at

・Material/ Hand paint on:Washi paper , Mounting:Silk and Polyester , Jikusaki at the bottom:Chinese Quince
・Size/ Hanging scroll:W12×H108×D1.5cm , Box:W7×H17.5×D6cm

・Weight/ 200 g
・Made in Japan

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