Kyoto Confectionary Brooch


Color: Pink
Sale price¥10,000 JPY


This pretty brooch is designed with an image of a Kyoto confectionary. It is used the deer leather for parts of flowers, and a secondhand “Obiage”, which is particularly in good condition, for the base.

“Obiage” is a decorative long cloth covering the obi pad when a woman wears a kimono.
This Obiage for brooch is called “Kyo-Kanoko-Shibori”, which is tie-dying with a pattern of minute in Kyoto.
“Kanoko” means fawn and is named after the method of making and it resembles the spots on young deer.
The parts of flowers are used deer leather.
As a deer is a longevity god messenger, deer leather has been regarded as the best gift as a lucky one since ancient times.

So, this lovely brooch is made by combining deer items and wishing good luck. It is recommended putting it on your cloth, or bag as you like. Please enjoy a Japanese atmosphere with. Produced by Washin Co., Ltd.

Since it is made by hand one by one, the size and colors may have a slight difference. Please note.
Pink, Green, Orange.

・Material/ Antique cloth:Silk , Flowers:Deer Leather , Pearl:Artificial , Setting:Metal
・Size/ φ6×H4.5cm

・Weight/ 40 g
・Made in Japan

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