Kobukusa Tatsumura Textile


Design: Karahana Socho Chohan-kin
Sale price¥9,000 JPY



Tatsumura Textile, founded in 1894, is known for restoring the antique textiles preserved in the Shosoin in Nara, but it is also widely known for creating unique and original art brocade.

The company established a new genre of "Art brocade" The brand is popular with the Imperial family and has many fans both in Japan and abroad. The small product is using the warp yarn brocade. The brocade is a silk brocade of which design produced by the warp yarns that are dyed beforehand. The Excellent weaving technique of the brocade was introduced to Japan in the Asuka period.

It is a complex weaving technique that requires a very high level of skill. This fabric is beautiful patterns and colors appear not only on the front but also on the back. Kofukusa is a small silk cloth used in the tea ceremony. It can also be used as an interior mat under teacups and figurines at home.

【The name of pattern】
・En-mon Byakko Suzaku Nishiki
・Brocade with Design of White Tiger and Phoenix in Roundel
・Karahana Socho Chohan-kin
・Brocade with Pattern of Flowers and Paired Birds
・Kamon Ungen Nishiki
・Ungen brocade of Flowers Design

The brocade pattern may differ slightly from the picture because it is different depending on the product.

・Material/ Pure silk ・Size/ W16×H15cm ・Weight/ 70 g ・Made in Japan

Collection: TEA CEREMONY

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