Lacquerware Box "White egret flower" Size 3.0 Sagi-so Aizu lacquerware


Sale price¥18,400 JPY


This is a wooden lacquered small box made in Aizu, Fukushima Prefecture which is known for the production of Aizu lacquerware. The inside is covered with Aizu momen (Aizu cotton), so you can put items without risk of scratches. Maki-e (decoration) is done manually by artisans, so each product is slightly different. This design is a white egret flower that blooms as if a white egret is flying. You can enjoy the beauty and the elegance of lacquerware of good quality.
For cleaning, please use soft cloth to remove dust and fingerprints as the surface is very delicate.

・Material/ Wood , Lacquer
・Size/ W9×H5×D9cm

・Weight/ 180 g
・Made in Japan

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