Woodblock print "Iris" by Kouno Bairei Published by UCHIDA ART


Sale price¥50,000 JPY


※Reproducing all or any part of the contents is prohibited.

■ Type
Woodblock Print
(Original design for Uchida art, reprinting)
※Original design
This was designed by Kono Bairei for Uchida art publisher,
This is originally published by Uchida art (Kyoto).

■ Artist
Kono Bairei
Maruyama-Shijo school artist. Born and lived in Kyoto.
First, at 8 pupil of the Maruyama artist Raisho Nakajima, then at 27, of the Shijo artist Bunrin Shiokawa Following the tradition of the NANGA (Chinese style painting), studied under many famous artists. Toured Kyushu and central Japan, leaving many sketches. In 1878, began to work toward the establishment of an art school that opened in 1880 at the Kyoto Prefectural School of painting. A leader in Kyoto art circle where he organized and promoted many art groups. His flower and birds, and landscape with faint touch of Western realism paintings are

・Material/ Japanese washi paper
・Size/ Picture:W45.8×H37.8cm , Margin included:W60×H45cm

・Regarding size / There is a slight error in size.
・Weight/ 250 g
・Made in Japan

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