Men's Folding Fan Set "Natsugasumi(Dragonfly)" Navy


Sale price¥16,000 JPY



The sensu originated from a round fan called an uchiwa, which was introduced from China over a thousand years ago. The sensu was created by the Japanese who improved the uchiwa.
A folding fan is also called a suehiro, which means that it widens towards the end and therefore symbolizes good fortune and often drawn as a motif of a decoration such as a painting for auspicious occasions.
The dragonfly in the design of the fan is called "winning insects" leading to victory because they only fly forward.
The main bone of the fan is decorated with decorative carvings, and attention has been paid to every detail. The folding fan bag is embroidered and can be closed with a magnet to protect the folding fan.
This folding fan comes with a fan bag with the same pattern and in a paulownia box, so it is recommended as a gift.

・Material/ Folding Fan:Cottonlinen・Bamboo・Rayon , Bag:Cotton
・Size/ Folding Fan(closed):W2.8×H22cm , (opened):W41×H22cm , Bag:W5×H24cm

・Weight/ 150 g
・Made in China

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