Spinning Top "Kyo Koma Gold Leaf"


Color: Red
Sale price¥12,000 JPY


Kyoto Koma is the spinning top which have characteristic structure. The origin of Kyo Koma is said to be the fact that court ladies rolled the edge of kimono around bamboo sticks to make spinning tops, and that they would amuse  themselves by spinning them indoors. This product is carefully made one by one in Kyoto prefecture. It is the perfect interior for your room, and its color and shape amuse you. When you spin it by hand, it spins well and gracefully. It is also pleased as a lucky present so that "work and business goes well" for example. *When Kyo Koma falls from the high place, a core stick might slip off. *These are made of textile, please keep away from water or UV. *Be careful of the pointed end.

・Material/ top:cotton, gold leaf , stick:wood, urethane coating

・Size/ φ11.5×H12cm

・Weight/ 209 g
・Made in japan

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