Ironware Kettle "Hiramarukoarare 1L"


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“Hiramarukoarare” is the work of Kamashi “Masamitsu Kikuchi” (Kamashi: artisans who made iron goods such as iron kettles) who preserves the tradition of Oshu Yamagata Casting. The lid and knob are made of copper. It is a good gift since it comes with a box made of paulownia wood. The water after boiled by iron kettle can be softer. For long-term use, please read the instruction manual carefully.
*Use on the gas stove
*Kettle is a tool for boiling water.
*The height includes the handle which is NOT movable.
*There are individual differences in the nature of casting.
【How to use】
・Before first use, rinse inside the kettle and pour water. After boiling it without the lid, drain hot water and repeat it 2-3 times.
・After boiling the water, please use it up or move it to an insulated water bottle. Dry inside the kettle with remaining heat. Or take the lid off and heat the kettle up. Stop heating soon after making the inside dry. Please don’t heat it too much without the water.
・Don’t leave the kettle with water because it may cause rust.
・Don’t touch and wash the inside of the kettle. Don’t rub with a sponge or scrubbing brush.

・Material/ Body:Cast Iron , Lid:Copper , Box:Paulownia
・Size/ Kettle:W17×H20.5×D15cm , Wooden Box:W18×H23×D18cm

・Note/ Microwave-not possible, IH cooktop-not possible, Dishwasher not allowed
・Weight/ 2260 g
・Made in Japan

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