Oxidized Silver Kettle


Sale price¥60,000 JPY


“Oxidized Silver Kettle '' is "hammered design" represented by Tuiki copperware with "Oxidized silver finish". (Tuiki: one of metal working technique) The feature of oxidized silver is to promote surface hardening and be resistant to discoloration. This kettle is good heat conduction because it is made of brass

*Capacity: 800cc
*Use on the gas stove
*Kettle is a tool for boiling water.
*The height includes the handle which is movable.

【How to care】
・After rinsing with water or hot water and wiping the moisture off , wipe it with soft dry cloth (towel or cotton flannel cloth). By repeating the wiping with dry cloth, the gloss will gradually improve.
・Please use ‘neutral detergent’ when using detergent
・When using a commercially available silver polish, apply a small amount to a soft cloth to polish it.

・Material/ Silver-plated Brass
・Size/ φ13×W16×H18.5cm

・Note/ Microwave-not possible, IH cooktop-not possible, Dishwasher not allowed
・Weight/ 720 g
・Made in Japan

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